By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Dog Was So Sick I Almost Had To Stop Watching, But I’m Glad I Didn’t.

Warning: The following story is a tough one to watch, and is especially graphic. However once you see how amazing this dog's recovery is, you're going to be glad you learned his story.

Kalu was found inside a hole at a construction site in India. His entire face was infested with maggots, quite literally being eaten away to the point where you could see a large, exposed section of his skull. Presumably, he climbed into the hole to pass away -- but miraculously, rescue workers found him before it was too late.

The video below documents the incredible efforts of Animal Aid Unlimited charity workers in India, and the brave resilience of one dog who nobody thought had a chance. See his harrowing, but ultimately inspiring journey below.

Animal Aid Unlimited rescues hundreds of animals just like Kalu, giving them a second chance at life. To assist them in their endeavors, check out their donation page.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India