By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Found An Orphaned Baby Kangaroo… And Then Everything Got Adorably Out Of Hand.

Years ago, a baby kangaroo (otherwise known as a joey) named Palau was left on the side of the road, inside the pouch of his dead mother.

Chris Barnes was a tour guide at the time, and he spotted the dead kangaroo on one of his tours. Upon further inspection, he saw that although the mother was long gone, there was still a joey, clinging to life, in her pouch. Barnes took Palau and nursed her back to health. Realizing that Australia didn't have many places for these animals to be taken and cared for, he decided to push his efforts even further. Nine years ago, Barnes opened The Baby Kangaroo Rescue Center.

At the center, the abandoned or orphaned joeys are kept together, so they can form a bond with one another. When necessary, Barnes cares for the joeys as if they were his own, and can often be found carrying around a joey in a pouch around his waist. Life at the center seems pretty sweet - check out the ador-roo-ble photos below.

The center exists mostly on donations, and if you're interested in helping, you can visit Barnes's website.

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