By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Her 40lb Cabbage Fed 275 Homeless People… And That’s When This 3rd Grader Had An Idea.

When she was just an elementary school student, Katie Stagliano got a homework assignment that would influence her for the rest of her young life. The assignment? Grow a cabbage from a single seedling. Katie's cabbage grew to about 40 pounds, and when the assignment was over, she took the cabbage to the local soup kitchen. The cooks there used the enormous cabbage to serve 275 people.

According to Katie, that moment changed her life. She realized that the people at the soup kitchen were just like her own family. She decided to make it her life goal to help feed the hungry, and at just 14 years old now, she has accomplished something amazing. Watch the video below to see how she took action and made a remarkable difference.

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