By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Heard A Strange Noise Beneath His Kayak, Then He Saw This… OMG.

Most of the time, kayaking is a pretty uneventful activity. It's done solo, on calm waters, and is the perfect opportunity to kick back, relax, and enjoy the resplendence of Mother Nature without having to think too much. It might be one of the most relaxing leisure activities in the book -- but every once in awhile, something thrilling like this happens and we're reminded that even if you're trying to relax, sometimes Mother Nature has other plans.

This guy learned that exact lesson when one day, after years of kayaking, he came across something unbelievable in Half Moon Bay, California. From his kayak and equipment, we can tell that this man is no stranger to being out on the open water, but when he sees what he sees, his reaction is one of sheer joy, excitement, and just a slight bit of terror. Once you see what it is, you'll be feeling the same combination of all three. Check out the amazing clip below.

Source: Eddy Willis