By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

Abused Puppy Was Stroked For The First Time… His Tearful Reaction Wrecked Me.

After watching this video, one YouTuber user wrote, "I just heard the sound of Hell itself," which is perhaps the best way to describe it. The footage, posted by Monica Mitreanu last November, shows a young dog who backs away and cries out in terror as a rescue worker attempts to pet him. This is the result of animal abuse.

While the dog, named Kayne (referred to as Priscilla in other reports), was staying at the Breasta-Craiova in Craiova, Romania, animal rescuer Kerry Wollacott provided updates of his progress on Facebook.

Kayne has since jumped up to 20 pounds from 13, and has grown to trust humans. Kayne has also been adopted by a loving family in the UK. The travel costs were covered by a generous donation from an unnamed individual.

His adoption isn't any news to be taken lightly; he was housed at a kill shelter, where dogs who are not adopted after a specified date are put to sleep.

See the original video as well as Kayne's amazing progress below:

Kayne is doing much better, physically and emotionally. He loves human touch and has gained a healthy amount of weight.

The young dog left Romania for the UK on December 17 to meet with his new family!

For more updates, visit Kelly Wollacott's Facebook page here. If this story tugged at your heart, learn more about what you can do by contacting your local animal shelter.

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