By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

She Only Had To Do One Simple Thing And She Failed In The Cutest Way Possible.

This is Russet, a 3-year old-English bulldog, who doesn't believe in the word "can't." Get ready to giggle, she's going to show you the meaning of pup-dermination.

Maybe Russet's attitude comes from her DNA, because after all, this cute canine breed has a pretty rough and tough history. In the 1500's the English Bulldog was actually bred to pin bulls on the ground by their noses. Some feat, huh? Thankfully, they are such sweet and gentle dog when not faced with a huge bull. My cousin once had an English Bulldog, and I'd play with her by making her chase a stringy rope by swirling it around my body to make her run circles around me. My cousin told me to be careful not to over-exert the dog. Otherwise she'll just keep pushing with no limit!

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