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24 Hilarious Proofreading Fails… #4 Is The Most X-Rated Typo I’ve Ever Seen.

Do you remember your handwriting class as a kindergarten or elementary school student. In my classes, my teachers always told me to make sure there was room for one of my (small 6-year-old) fingers in between each letter of a word, so things wouldn't get to crowded.

That's how I learned how crucial tracking is for your letters. When it comes to signage, design, and even your handwriting, tracking and kerning is of the utmost importance. While it may seem arbitrary, making sure that your letters are properly spaced can make or break what you're writing - and sometimes, if you don't follow the rules of kerning, it can look like you've written something else entirely.

Below are 24 kerning fails that will make you simultaneously giggle and grit your teeth with discomfort. #11 is going to be your favorite.

#1. It really is very important.

#2. This one is so bad that it took me awhile to figure out what it was supposed to say.

#3. I always forget to pack the poop, but now I will definitely remember.

When bad #fonts happen to good people. // #typography #designfail #poopjokes

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#4. Considering what's been here, I'd grab some hand sanitizer when you're finished.

#5. Yes they most certainly do.

#6. You've suddenly got other things besides pizza on your mind.

#7. Just one dick.

#8. This is one team that I would not let my son be a part of.

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