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Girl Bullied For Her Unusually Dark Skin Just Landed A Modeling Contract.

Sengalese model Khoudia Diop, known as @melaniin.goddess on Instagram and the "blackest girl in Africa," has been receiving praise from thousands of new fans for embracing her unique skin tone.

When something like this makes news, it's clear that colorism and racial tensions continue to strain our relationships and perspectives, but we still consider the opportunity to speak on these issues a positive thing.

Khoudia first drew attention in the media when she was featured in The Colored Girl (TCG) Project this past summer. Ten black women were selected through social media and robed in beautiful gowns of complementing colors of beige and gold for a breathtaking series by photographer Joey Rosado.

Each of the women stand out for their own shade, glow, and features, highlighting TCG founder Tori Elizabeth's belief in "[showing] the different aspects of beauty as it pertains to Black women." She and co-founder Victory Jones described how their own experiences as black women — scars and strength — led to this project.

Khoudia has the darkest skin of the bunch and there are others that will also stand out depending on your own standards. These differences are something that we should take note of because there really is no one standard for beauty. And yet, so many of us act like it. Discrimination is not just experienced between racial profiles but within them. Just look at bleaching practices in Asian and African countries where lighter skin is favored.

The invitation to reclaim beauty rather than redefine it is empowering. In reclaiming, you acknowledge that the beauty has always been there.

Meet the ever captivating Khoudia Diop, a Sengalese model with a story to share.

With a smile like that, you'd never guess that this 19-year-old has been bullied her whole life.

She is comfortable in her own body, her own skin, and frequently posts about self-love on her Instagram.

Here's Khoudia with other beautiful women in The Colored Girl Project.

They're embracing their different skin tones and reclaiming beauty in a powerful way.

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