By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

23 Brutal Valentines Cards From Kids Who Are Too Darn Honest.

Kids don't hold back, they say what they mean and they mean what they say. While grown-ups may have mastered the language and writing skills, they still struggle finding the right words to convey their love and devotion to their loved ones.

It's hard to come up with an original message that doesn't sound too cliché while also being heartfelt and romantic. Perhaps the secret to writing the best Valentine's Day card is to include love and honesty. Tell your other half why they mean the world to you, even if that means revealing it's because you need to eat, or give them the heads up that your devotion is intact despite your shortcomings.

At least that is how kids write their love notes. Everyone loves getting Valentine's Day cards from children, despite their brutal honesty. We have compiled some of the best Valentine's Day cards written by children to show you how the pros do it.

#1. You need to establish how big your love is and how far you would go for that person.

#2. Be honest about how you feel at that moment. There is no point in saying, "I love you," when that person stole your candies or your heart for that matter.

#3. Don't forget to pull out the dictionary. It's cute when kids misspell words, grown-ups don't have the luxury to get away with such things.

#4. And when all else fails, use your phonetic skills to get your message across.

#5. This is wise advice. You need to love the person for who they are not how much money is in their bank account.

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