By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Donated Her Kidney To A Total Stranger… Now They’re Expecting A Baby.

When Ashley McIntyre turned on the radio last January, she never guessed that her entire life was about to change. It was then she heard the heart wrenching story of a 25-year-old man who needed a kidney transplant. Danny Robinson had lost his father to brain cancer, lost his home in a fire, and was now being waitlisted for a transplant kidney to treat his rare kidney disease. He put his story on the radio, hoping to find a donor.

McIntrye selflessly agreed to Robinson's donor, despite the fact that he was a complete stranger. Her kidney was a match for Robinson, and both of them recovered. What happened next is nothing short of amazing.

The summer after their surgeries, Robinson and McIntyre started dating! The two became inseparable, and by Christmas the following year, it was time to make it official!

Robinson proposed to McIntyre, the woman who saved his life and stole his heart. "I don't know why he [got on the radio], but I'm glad he did" said McIntyre. "He is truly a genuinely good person. We have so much fun together."

But that's not all! This amazing couple is also expecting a baby girl in June.

The love that these two share and the family they've created is truly inspiring. It also goes to show how one selfless act can change your life, forever.