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By Camila Villafañe

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Man Donates Kidney To Old Classmate He Hadn’t Seen In 50 Years.

There was one possible concern with Ball's generosity and it had to do with how old he was.

Generally, hospitals don't take donors who are over 60, but since Ball was in good health and had passed all the medical exams with flying colors, doctors gave both men the green light to undergo the procedure.

Ball's family was afraid, but they supported his decision to do something good for his classmate.

The surgery was a success and both men continued to recover. Doctors claim that they're doing well, which is great because Ball and Walker are hoping to leave the hospital alive and healthy in a couple of days.

Those close to Ball have heard him say that "it is in giving that we receive," and that's just what he did.

The quote from Saint Francis of Assisi has been Ball's life motto. In fact, he felt that this was all part of God's plan, because he was given two kidneys for a reason, and one of them had saved Walker's life.

Source: CNN

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