By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

She Captures The Perfect Moment Between Children And REAL Animals.

It’s hard to argue that photos with children and animals are the cutest - babies or toddlers curled up and enjoying the cuddles of their canine or feline friends. Imagine, if you will, if instead a dog or cat, the animals were a lot less traditional and far more exotic. Russian photographer Elena Karneeva has captured images that defy explanation but pull you into a world of wonder and imagination, similar to the masterworks of the brothers Grimm.

The vivid photography seems to jump out of a fairy tale world, a place of remarkable beauty capturing the innocence of childhood with the beauty of nature.

One has to wonder how small children were able to be paired with some wild animals and done so in such harmony. Clearly Karneeva has found her niche as the photos themselves are haunting yet stunning and also serve as beautiful postcards of rural Slavic life where she found her inspiration.

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