By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

33 Hilariously Inappropriate Kid’s Drawings… #9 Definitely Won’t Make It Onto The Fridge.

We see the world a lot differently than children do. Their artwork is the perfect example: where a child is drawing a waterfall or a hand, an adult automatically sees something quite different. Also, some kids' imaginary friends are downright terrifying. Makes you wonder what bedtime stories are being read to them.

Here are some hilarious drawings youngsters have done that will never be displayed at home. Let’s hope these parents keep the illustrations to blackmail their kids when they are all grown up. They will understand why mommy and daddy did not support their artistic interpretations.

#1. Quick to judge.

#2. Not a bright outlook.

Not a bright outlook.

#3. Wrestling, yeah right!

Wrestling, yeah right!

#4. Abstract art.

#5. First day where?

First day where?

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