By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

What Kids Around The World Are Being Fed For Breakfast.

Making kids eat their breakfast is not the same all over the world. The milk and cereal staple commonly eaten by youngsters in North America may be seen as bland by those overseas. Likewise, American kids may not be too keen on drinking cod liver oil or eating stir fried green peppers with fish as their first meal of the day. What we eat is a cultural affair.

Take a trip around the world and see what others eat, and perhaps be inspired to tweak your breakfast menu.

Viv Bourdrez, five. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Who knew the Dutch loved chocolate that much?  Sprinkles of chocolate, vanilla and fruit on bread is the breakfast of choice. 

Emily Kathumba, seven. Chitedze, Malawi.

Cornmeal porridge, hibiscus juice, sweet potato, pumpkin, and sweet tea is enjoyed in this part of the world.

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