By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

22 Awesome DIY Projects For Your Kids. #8 Will Change Movie Nights Forever

#16. Paint with a water gun.

Fill water squirt guns with liquid water colors. Place watercolor paper outside and the kids will take it from there.

#17. Put a mask on.

Trace and cut the mask based on size of child's face in felt fabric. Cut out the shape and holes for eyes. Attach elastic on both sides to hold the mask on.

#18. Turn your child into a space man.

Mirror paper is glued and wrapped around two water bottles. Place a long line of duct tape and tape red, orange and yellow crepe paper on the edge. On the other side wrap it around the bottom of the bottles. Tape the two tubes together while also attaching straps.

#19. Make quirky bookmarks.

The quirkier the buttons, the better. Hot glue the paper clip to the back of your button. Cut a small piece of felt fabric to go on top.

#20. Let kids express their inner Picasso.

Use terra cotta pots and have the kids pour acrylic paint in various colors. Let them dry.

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