By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

23 Things Kids Today Will Never Understand… Who Misses #9?

Kids today have got a lot of choices: They can eat clean, shop local, and dip their toes into a vast sea of technology where there are virtually no limitations on what you can get automated and streamlined.

However, kids today also missed out. They missed out on a lot.

Anyone over the age of 25 will recall these items, and most of them fondly. These were simpler times, when everyone went to bed after ABC's TGIF lineup came to close, and you had to hear a lot of dialing sounds before you got to the Internet. These are 23 things that kids in 2015 will simply never understand.

#1. This strange and unusual machine from olden times.

#2. Pluto as a planet.

#3. The joy of going here on Friday night.

#4. These infinite musical possibilities.

#5. Looking up your friend's numbers in the phone book.

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