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Mom Gives Birth - Then Loses It When She Peeks Between Her Baby's Legs.

After Kim Guiley and her husband welcomed their first child into the world in 2014, they knew that they wanted another to complete their family. Kim eventually fell pregnant in 2016 and despite a few complications along the way, she was ready to give birth to her second and final pregnancy. However, even though she’d been through labor before and knew how to handle it – she and her husband could never have expected something like this.

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As a 28-year-old doula from Santa Cruz, California, Kim is used to providing non-medical support to families before, during and after pregnancy. So she knew exactly how to make everything run smoothly when she was expecting again, in spite of a few scares.

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Indeed, three years after after getting married, Kim and Travis had already brought their first baby, Hazel, into the world. Since Kim grew really close with her own brother growing up, she also wanted a son so Hazel could have the same experience. The mom’s journey, however, would be fraught with hurdles and heartbreak.

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In 2015, for one, Kim fell pregnant again – but, tragically, suffered a miscarriage. However, life has a funny way of working things out – Kim actually fell pregnant just a few months later but this time, she was pained with worry. What if the mom had another miscarriage? Would she and her husband be able to handle another heartbreak?

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Although her pregnancy with Hazel ran smoothly, her third pregnancy was riddled with issues. “As the pregnancy progressed,” Kim further wrote on her blog, “we suffered through scare after scare – worries about my gallbladder, concerning images on the anatomy scan, small fundal measurements, too much amniotic fluid and a transverse baby at 36 weeks.”

Instagram/Kim Guiley

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