This Tweet From Paris Is Showing The World That Love Is Stronger Than Hate.

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The streets of Paris, France were filled with locals and tourists enjoying a beautiful fall evening. People were going to cafés, restaurants, concerts, or simply enjoying a walk on a Friday night before tragedy struck. After the six simultaneous attacks left 128 dead and over 180 injured, people were trying to find safety amid the chaos.

One man, Rohan Singh Kalsi, took to Twitter to offer shelter at any Sikh Gurdwara, temple. With the hashtag#PorteOuverte, “open door” in French. His tweet has gone viral and began a movement where Parisians are opening their doors to complete strangers.

A lot of terrible things have happened in the name of religion. But here’s an example of someone following his faith, and literally accepting people of all walks and showing everyone matters. A simple act of kindness knows no color, ethnic background or religious doctrine.

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