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18 Random Acts Of Kindness Stories To Remind You That There Are Good People Everywhere.

There's no denying that we all need a little bit of help at times. Sometimes you get stuck in a financial rut, and a good friend lends you a bit of cash to get you through until payday. Or maybe you noticed a car broken down on the side of the road, so you pull over to offer your help. Regardless of the reason or the cause, people are committing random acts of kindness on an everyday basis, and in a time when you see negativity on every media outlet, it's important to remember the good that's out there.

#1. El Cajon, California

Kayla Cooper is a struggling nursing student working two jobs, and she needed to buy a car. Unfortunately, when she went to finance a car at Auto City in El Cajon, she was told that she didn’t qualify. Defeated, Kayla left the dealership. Dan Laguardia was at the dealership at the same time trading in his Scion for a new BMW when he heard the exchange between Kayla and the salesman. When Dan found out that they weren’t able to help Kayla, he turned to the salesman and said: “Call your customer back I'm giving her my trade in.” A few minutes later, Kayla returned and Dan handed her the title and the keys to the Scion. Overwhelmed by Dan’s generosity, she sat in her new car and began to cry. All it took to turn Kayla’s life around was one person recognizing that she needed something more than him. “The car had more value to her than it did for me trading it in,” said Laguardia. “That gives her a bit of a jumpstart in life. If everybody did that for everybody else, we’d be in a much better place.”

El Cajon, California

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#2. The Netherlands

A Dutch charity, known as the Ambulance Wish Foundation, is making a difference to the lives of disabled senior citizens. A team of 270 medically-trained volunteers is using their medical transportation to help hospice patients and immobile seniors check a few things off of their bucket list. The organization facilitates trips for dying seniors, going to places like the zoo, to bring a little bit of life and happiness back into their lives. As of now, the team has helped more than 7,000 patients fulfill their bucket list wishes.

#3. Cape Coral, Florida

Police officers Ken Cody and Guang Song were on duty when they were called to a local supermarket in Cape Coral, Florida. An elderly man in his 80s had come out of the grocery store to find out that someone had stolen his only mode of transportation, his bicycle. After taking the report, the police officers went to the local Walmart and bought the old man a brand new bike. Because of their random acts of kindness, this elderly fella won’t have to scrape up the money to buy a new bike.

#4. Hemet, California

A woman was told that all her tires needed to be replaced immediately. Unfortunately, it would cost her $1,400, which she couldn’t afford. As she began to cry, a man who was listening to the interaction stood up and offered to pay the bill. He only asked that she pay it forward.

#5. Britain's Beaches

70-year-old Pat Smith is planning on spending the rest of her life helping to clean our beautiful planet. After making a New Year’s Resolution, Pat has spent the past year cleaning up 52 beaches in Britain. Armed with rubber gloves, a litter picker, and trash bags, Pat cleaned one of Devon and Cornwall's beaches every week in 2018. "I'm driven to try and protect our living planet for my children and grandchildren and I will continue to do everything in my power to achieve that,” said Pat. "I won't stop as our beaches need me.” All it takes is one person to care just a little bit to make a major impact.

Britain's Beaches

Pat Smith

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