By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

24 Little Acts Of Kindness That Will Make You An EVEN Better Human.

Did you know that yesterday, February 17th, was National Acts of Kindness Day? It's not as if we should need a designated day to be kind and generous to one another, but having a special holiday to commemorate the warm fuzzies of humankind doesn't hurt!

Random Acts of Kindness Day began with three friends in New Zealand in 2005. The trio wanted to designate day to encourage people to do something selfless for their neighbor, just for the sake of doing so. The unofficial holiday has since traveled to the United States, and February 17th the chosen day, intended for altruism and random acts of goodness.

If you've just learned about Random Acts of Kindness Day, do not fear: Kindness isn't just limited to one day per year, and we have some great ideas of how you can pay it forward throughout the coming months!

#1. Put quarters in someone's expired parking meter.

#2. Send flowers or a card to a friend who's going through a difficult time.

#3. Compliment your waiter to their manager.

#4. Pay for someone's coffee.

#5. Offer your seat to a stranger.

#6. Pay for someone else's gas.

#7. Call someone that you haven't talked to in awhile, and tell them how much you appreciate them.

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