By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch These Mesmerizing Sculptures Come To Life In The Gentlest Of Breezes.

Anthony Howe is a talented artist that works with a very specific medium: Kinetic energy. Formally educated in sculpture and painting, Howe went on to explore working with wood and metal, eventually leading him into the world of kinetic wind structures.

His work is oddly soothing to watch in motion, as each of his pieces moves with the wind circulating around it. The video below is a compilation of some of his kinetic masterpieces, initially designed using 3D software then built with Howe's two hands. See SPINES, In-Out Quotient, About Face, In Cloud Light, and Octo in the video below -- you're going to have a hard time choosing a favorite.

You can see more of Howe's sculptures here.

Source: Perpetual Useless