By Haris

LifeBuzz Staff

When They Invented The ‘Kiss Cam’ They Didn’t Foresee This…

If you've ever attended a live sporting event then you're familiar with the infamous kiss cam. Usually during timeouts, the kiss cam appears on the jumbotron. If the kiss cam comes your way, then you have to give your significant other a big smooch for everyone to see.

Last night during the Celtics/Bulls game, the kiss cam captured a lady yelling at her man for being on his cell phone. What happened next had me and everyone else laughing really hard. I don't know whether that incident was real or staged, but it sure was funny. Take a look for yourself and prepare to laugh.

I bet he never hears the end of that. Let this be a lesson to us all, when you go to a live sporting event, turn your phone off.


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