Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

30 People Who Should NEVER Be Allowed In The Kitchen Again.

Cooking is a great skill that everyone should have under their belt but unfortunately that's not the case. Some people have a natural gift for cooking, some people have the ability to learn and slowly better themselves, and others are well... lost causes. We want to be clear - when we say "lost cause," we don't necessarily mean they can't cook but rather they should never be allowed in a kitchen.

You might wonder how terrible can a person really be in a kitchen to be exiled from it but take a look at some of the photos below and you'll definitely understand.

#1. Oh that's new, what black ingredient did you use?

#2. Not every blender is easy to use.

#3. Whatcha cookin'? Molten lava?

#4. Just blame it on an "earthquake."

#5. Burnt or chocolate overload?

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