By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Weird Kitchen Gadgets You Can Actually Buy… I’m Definitely Getting #11.

#8. The Pizza Peddler

This little device turns a boring old pizza slicer into an enthusiastic cyclist who just can't wait to get your pizza dished up.

#9. The Cat Stand

Finally, a way to get cats to actually do something productive - even if they are ceramic.

#10. May the Toast Be With You

This Star Wars toaster crisps every piece of bread to perfection. Pro-tip: After your bread toasts, whisper "Luke, I am your butter."

#11. The Star Wars Sprinkler

Speaking of Star Wars, here's an easy way to decorate your themed cupcakes to perfection.

The Star Wars Sprinkler

#12. Mustard Marvin & Count Ketchup

Kids will love to get their condiments from these two dudes - even if you think it's kind of gross.

#13. Cool Jewels

Now that you know about these gem ice trays, no other ice trays will do.

Cool Jewels


#14. The Heisenberg Spatula

In your kitchen, he is the one who knocks.

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