Scott Stevens

By Scott Stevens

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They Were Sick Of Their Old Kitchen, The Solution Was An Act Of DIY Brilliance.

The painting of the doors and drawers left questions about the color.

Choose your colors carefully ahead of time. They had doubts about the color once the paint was applied but it was too late for a change at that point.

Almost there!

You can see the positive results coming every few hours. If you want to save a lot of money, doing it yourself is always the way to go. If you possess those talents!

It's getting there!

Everything is now ready to be finished off. It takes time and dedication but the finished product makes it worth the effort.

Back in operation.

It looked good when it was done but it wasn't good enough. A new sink and counter tops had to be added in to create the perfect kitchen.

Butcher block counter tops was very time consuming.

The end result of the counter tops is amazing but the amount of work it takes is unbelievable. It took an entire day just to cut the pieces perfectly.

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