By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Daredevil Kitesurfer Flies Off Richard Branson’s Roof… The Reaction Of The Crowd At 0:51 Says It All.

Nick Jacobsen is a professional kitesurfer and all around adventure-seeker. After kitesurfing from a variety of dangerous places, Jacobsen found himself in an unusual situation: Standing on the roof of billionaire investor Richard Branson's home on Necker Island.

Necker Island also belongs to Branson, and every year, he hosts the Mai Tai conference, bringing together the world's biggest leaders and entrepreneurs. Jacobsen was one of hundreds of these guests, but he was the only one with his particular talent.

Apparently, the story goes like this: Jacobsen was in the presence of Branson and showed him a video of himself kitesurfing. Then, brilliance struck: Why not kitesurf off of the roof of Branson's estate, which is 131 feet above sea level? It was certainly nail-biting moment: When Jacobsen makes the jump, you're going to be on the edge of your seat.

As the video shows, Jacobsen then launched himself off of the roof, cleared more than 300 feet of land, and travelled 500 more feet to land upright in the water, where he cruised safely. After a stunt like that, all one can really say is "Phew."

Richard Branson was definitely proud.

Source: MaiTai Media