By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Two-Legged Kitten Ditches His Wheelchair For The Best Ride Ever.

Like most places in the world, the United States has a serious problem with cat and kitten overpopulation. In fact, only 1 in 12 kittens born ever finds a home -- not to mention the fact that only 25% of kittens born to unowned cats will live longer than six months. Add any illnesses or physical disabilities and, well, one can only imagine what happens to those poor animals.

But Cassidy the Miracle Kitten is one of the lucky ones.

Cassidy started his life in a feral cat colony, born with both back legs missing below the knees. He kept fighting, and after round-the-clock care from rescuers, he started recuperating. Eventually, his rescuers hope to get him fitted for fancy prosthetics -- but until then, Cassidy has discovered this epic new form of transportation.

Source: TinyKittens HQ