By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

A GoPro Captures What Happens Inside A Kitten Nursery…

Each year, the San Diego Humane Society Kitten Nursery rescues and cares for thousands of orphaned kittens, most of them found abandoned and neglected on the streets. They're considered neonatal kittens, so young that they require 24-hour care. Until the beginning of this facility, there was no other place like it: Essentially, kittens this young often had no way to survive.

But in 2008, the SD Humane Society Kitten Nursery opened it's doors, allowing for young kittens to have a safe haven to prevent them from being euthanized. The video below gives us a bit of insight into the day-to-day operations of this amazing facility.

For information on how to help, visit San Diego Humane Society.

Source: Cole and Marmalade