By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Was 20 Minutes From Death… But The Universe Had Different Ideas.

High-kill animal shelters might sound extreme, but unfortunately, they are a necessary component to humane animal control in the United States. The volume of stray animals far exceeds what our shelters are capable of handling - the result is that sometimes, animals are forced to be euthanized. However, stories like this one are a bright glimmer of hope in otherwise dark circumstances.

Arriving at the high kill shelter a mere 20 minutes before the shelter closed, it was clear that time was not on Chloe's side. If she hadn't found a foster home that very night, her story would have ended quite differently.

Thankfully, there are alternative animal shelters and rescue centers that work tirelessly to avoid unnecessary situations such as these, and Cats at the Studios Rescue is one of them. Because of their help, Chloe was able to have the chance at life she deserves - and all of it before this little gal could even open her eyes.

Source: The Pet Collective