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26 Cat Halloween Costumes That Are Devilishly Cute.

Halloween is the one time in the year dressing up as whoever and whatever you want to be is socially accepted. It's a day where you can transform into your favorite super hero or animated character. It's a day you get to show off your creativity. But the creativity doesn't stop at just your costume.

You creativity is also evaluated based on how you dress up your pets, especially if you have a cat. Coming up with a costume idea for your cat is one thing, getting it onto the cat is a whole another story. It may be difficult, but the end result is definitely worth it and we have the photos to prove it!

#1. "Please don't eat me."

I've just gotten used to eating raw fish, I don't know if I can do raw cat.

"Please don't eat me."

#2. "Anyone wanna go for a dive?"

Didn't know scuba suits could look so good on a cat.

"Anyone wanna go for a dive?"

#3. "I need to get back home to my grandma!"

Oh no, little red looks so stressed out. Get her home ASAP before the big bad wolf comes!

"I need to get back home to my grandma!"

#4. "What you think you doing stepping into my hood?"

I'm sorry! I'm poor, please don't take my money.

"What you think you doing stepping into my hood?"

#5. "Don't you even think about messing with the king of the jungle."

Someone was able to capture this incredible shot of this savage beast!

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