By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Cat Has Serious Boundary Issues… You’ll Love How She Reacts.

Much like your ex-boyfriend or the coworker who won't stop organizing after-work events, cats have a hard time understanding boundaries. They sit where they want, sleep where they want, and insert themselves into any situation they see fit, all without considering the feelings of others.

This woman's cat might have just breached the ultimate boundary - her reaction is pretty priceless.

We don't know why this cat feels so compelled to perch himself on his human's head - maybe it's the softness of the towel, or maybe the color is appealing.

What we do know is that this woman's chill reaction is basically the best ever. She's perfectly content to let her cat do his thing, as long as everyone is aware that she's not making it up. These two definitely make a hilarious team - we hope she and her cat-hat are very happy together.

Source: sweetpea377