By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

She Found A Dying Kitty On The Sidewalk… What She Did Next Moved Me To Tears.

Reddit user Klaan recently shared the story of his mom, who saved a kitten. The French woman was running errands when she spotted a kitten on the sidewalk. It was raining and cold outside. The small creature was not moving and the umbilical cord was still attached to her. Upon inspecting closer she noticed there was a faint heart beat.

She made the quick decision to take the cat to a vet. In France, health care is free but not when it comes to animals.

She gently wrapped the kitty in a brown paper bag, the closest thing to a blanket she had with her.

The woman paid €57, the equivalent of almost $62 for the veterinarian to check the abandoned animal.

The kitty who was named Iris was adopted by her rescuer and her son. She has a healthy appetite and loves to wiggle her ears when she's drinking milk.

She loves to take her naps with her milk bottle.

Iris is expected to grow healthy and strong.

Her eyes are starting to open and she's exploring her surroundings. All thanks to a good samaritan who rescued a helpless animal.

Source: lovemeow