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Amazing Moving Style Dance, Named Kizomba Dance

Kizomba is a close dance that can look and feel sexy but sexiness isn't the point.

If you're nervous about learning this dance because you think it's too sexy, just remember what we said about connection. Connection is key, which means the dance demands you to dance how you feel according to the music and your comfort level.

There is also a standard kizomba hold which is intimate but not at all like the bumping and grinding you would probably see at the club. Movements are relaxed and controlled.

Where can I take a kizomba class?

As aforementioned, Kizomba is relatively new but thanks to passionate dancers like Rachel Cassandra, who founded Kizomba Community after falling in love with it while living in North Africa, it is becoming increasingly popular. Check if it's offered at a local dance studio or visit the Kizomba Community website.

Where can I take a kizomba class?

Fusión Salsafest / YouTube

If you don't have a dance partner, don't worry! Many people who attend classes as a solo dancer.

One great thing about taking up dancing is that you join a real community. You meet people of all ages and different levels of dancing, and you can make new friends.

Kizomba is Going Global

Kizomba music began in the 1970s and was first popularized in Portuguese-speaking African countries. It later became a hit in Portugal, too. As Cape Verdean singers and producers made their own kizomba compilations and semba dancers began to adjust the moves to this type of music, kizomba as a dance become more identifiable. Some say this happened around the 1980s while other sources say the 90s. Today we see kizomba in countries all over the world!

Kizomba is Going Global

Maria J Browning / Instagram

Here's a teaser of kizomba. Try it out at home or the dance floor!

Source: Kizomba Community

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