By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The Real Story Behind ‘The Woman In Gold’ Is Hauntingly Romantic.

Have you ever heard of Gustav Klimt? You might vaguely recognize his name, despite the fact that his is not a household on like Monet or Picasso. He was a legendary painter, famous for his gold-leaf paintings with heavy Japanese influence. His masterpiece, Woman in Gold, just became the subject of a Hollywood film.

The Woman in Gold is dressed in a mosaic dress with hundreds of colors and fine detail, and it's just one of Klimt's amazing paintings of a woman in dresses similar to these. But now, many are asking: Who was that woman? Was she real?

As it turns out, she is.

Her name was Emilie Flöge, and she was a member of Vienna's upper class. Not only was the woman real, but so were her amazing dresses.

In turn-of-the-century Vienna, Flöge worked as a seamstress. She won competitions for her designs.

Together with her sister, she established an haute couture fashion salon.

They called it the Schwestern Flöge (Flöge Sisters), and it was situated in the heart of Vienna.

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