By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The Koala Is Hoping His Cuteness Will Distract You From His Criminal Master Plan.

This neighborhood used to be one of the best in rural Victoria, Australia. That was before the koalas moved in.

15-year-old Sam Box came home from school to find this hellion squatting in his family's Range Rover. His face indicated that he meant business, and had no plans to abort his mission simply because he was caught in the act.

Koalas are super common in this part of Australia, but usually they don't attempt to reenact scenes from Gone in Sixty Seconds. Sam and his dad made a little bit of noise, in hopes that this wannabe felon would abandon his grand theft auto plans and go away. The koala wasn't afraid, but in the end he gave up: When Sam opened the car door, the koala strutted away into the bush, free to continue on his crime spree.

May his reign of terror never fall upon your family.