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Woman Finds Out Why Her Dog Goes Missing So Often.

There have been plenty of videos uploaded to the internet by pet owners who have put GoPros on their unsuspecting animals to find out what they do when they leave the house. More often than not, they're just super silly videos of cats getting into trouble. When this dog went missing for several days, her owners began to wonder where she had run off to. It wasn't until later on that they found out that their beloved pup was certainly getting into some wild shenanigans.


Rachel Howatt of Winkler, Manitoba is the proud owner of a beautiful husky named Koda. While Rachel was preparing for Christmas, she noticed that Koda had gone somewhere. She became worried when Koda still hadn’t returned the next day. Finally, on December 23, Koda showed back up at the house.

Missing For Three Days

Even though she didn't know where Koda had been for three days, Rachel was just happy that she was back home in one piece. The family continued on with their Christmas activities and didn't think about what Koda had been doing again. Well, that was until a few months later.

Neighbor's Camera

While their neighbor was going through their hunting cameras, they noticed that Koda appeared on some of the film. After Rachel spoke to her neighbor, she couldn't believe what Koda had been doing while he was missing. "Remember when I posted that Koda our little renegade husky was missing around Christmas time for a number of days?" Rachel posted on her Facebook page.

New Friend

Thanks to the hunters' cameras, Rachel found out that Koda was actually out making new friends! "I finally learned what she was doing in the valley for so long after our neighbour checked his game cams.. and I’m amazed... I still can’t believe this!! Sleeps, eats, and plays around with a buck she made ‘friends' with.. WOW such an unbelievable pooch," she explained on Facebook.

Actual Proof

At first, Rachel didn't believe what her neighbor was saying, that was until she saw the proof! "You’re joking! There’s no way that’s the truth. I need to see proof before I believed it," Rachel recalled saying. And there sure was plenty of proof to be seen. "Hundreds of pictures of Koda and this buck. They spent whole (days) together," she said.

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