By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Koko The Gorilla Just Adopted Two Tiny Kittens, It Takes Cuteness To New Heights.

Koko the gorilla was given an extra special birthday present this year. The 44-year-old gorilla was brought an entire box full of kittens to play with, a sight that is almost too cute to behold. Even more adorable is the fact that she was allowed to keep two kittens, both of which she treats with gentleness and love. According to caretakers, it didn't take long for her maternal instincts to kick in.

This isn't the first time that Koko, who can sign over 1,000 words, has had a kitten of her own. A few years ago, she cared for a gray kitten named All Ball. When the kitten got outside and was hit by a car, Koko grieved by using the signs for "cry," "frown," "sad" and "trouble."

Now, this amazing animal has a chance to care for a pair of beloved kittens again, and her spirits are clearly higher than ever. Check out the adorable video below.

Did you see the video of Robin Williams and Koko?

Source: kokoflix