By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He’s The World’s Angriest Cat, And You’ll Do ANYTHING To Cheer Him Up.

Even if you're a normally chipper and enthusiastic person, there's one thing that can bring you down in the dumps faster than you can say "damnit," and that's the prospect of Monday.

And if your mood is particularly crabby and sluggish today (especially those of you who have to work the holiday), don't worrk: Koyuki knows just how you feel.

This grouchy cat absolutely hates Mondays -- in fact, he looks like he hates just about everything. Don't let his face deceive you though: Deep down, Koyuki is well-loved and enjoying life. However, for some reason, he just can't seem to wipe that Monday morning look off his face. Experience the ultimate fed-up feline's hilarious visage below.

As you can see, he's really had it up to here with this sh*t.

Does anything get this guy to crack a smile?

This last picture is slightly less enraged... but only slightly.

Don't worry, Koyuki. Monday will be over soon.

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