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An Ariel View Of These Mysterious Lines Reveals A Naughty Secret.

There's a naked lady hanging out in the former coal mining town of Cramlington, Northumberland in Northeast England, but she's not breaking any laws. She's Northumberlandia, a massive piece of land art in the shape of a lounging, completely nude woman, and she is a sight to be hold.

At her highest point (her forehead), Northumberlandia is more than 100 feet tall and a quarter of a mile long. From above, you can see that she is lying on her back with her hair spread out around here, her legs twisted to the left. She was created by an American landscape artist called Charles Jencks, and she holds the record of being the largest human landform sculpture in the world. Naturally, she's also a tremendous tourist attractions. See the photos of Northumberlandia below.

Here she is from above, in all of her glory.

Her highest point is her forehead, which is over 100 feet tall and a quarter of a mile long.

She was created from the byproducts of a coal mine.

While digging for coal, employees realized that they could reuse all of the rocks and dirt that they'd dug out of the ground.

That's when they contacted renowned artist Charles Jencks, and the rest was history.


It took him two years to build Northumberlandia, which seems like a short amount of time given the scope of the project.

She's made from of 1.5 million tons of rock, clay, and soil, all discarded from the mine.

All of it was topped with soil and planted with grass. Her features are highlighted with stone from themine as well.

There are a series of viewing and resting platforms along Northumberlandia's body, for visitors to enjoy.

And the views you can get while walking around the land sculpture are pretty unbelievable.

Admit it: This might be the most gorgeous naked woman you've ever seen.

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Source: Amusing Planet

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