By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Lady GaGa Channels Frank Sinatra In This Pulsating Tribute Song.

Last Sunday night, dozens of the world's biggest stars showed up to pay tribute to the legendary Frank Sinatra, with crooners like Sam Smith and Celine Dion taking the stage to perform his songs. Surprisingly, the artist that stole the show is better known for her edgy aesthetics than her old school swag: Lady Gaga brought the house down.

Gaga performed last, and wore a Sinatra-esque black tux, bow tie, and hat, belting out an incredible rendition of "New York, New York." It's almost as if Gaga wasn't just signing Sinatra's song, she was actually becoming him. When she tosses her hat into the air, you get the feeling that Sinatra would totally be proud.

Source: LadyGagaVEVO