By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

There’s A New Doll On The Beach… Everyone Who Parents A Little Girl Needs To Pay Attention.

Walk down the aisle of any toy store in the section where all the dolls are kept and you will likely see the following characteristics for Barbie and similar toys: big breasts, ultra tiny waist, perfect nose, big wide-eyes, luscious hair and lashes, long skinny legs and absolutely no trace of freckles, beauty marks or scars on the perfect plastic skin.

Further to the physical appearance the dolls are wearing tight-fitting tops baring their toned belly or short skirts showcasing long thin legs.

The new doll in town, Lammily, faces a predicament when she is invited to the beach in a world where her real-life body measurements do not even come close to living up to the hyper-sexualized toys.

The video below showcases the everyday barrage of images, messages and impossible standards little girls everywhere are experiencing: a false sense of beauty, void of any sign of the everyday quirky and a real sense of what truly defines beauty.

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Source: Lammily