By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

14 Crafty DIY Lampshade Ideas. #8 Is The Most Creative I’ve Ever Seen.

Using the right lighting for your home is tricky - not only are lamps expensive, but it's also hard to find ones that fit with the general aesthetic of your home. Trickier still is finding the right shade for your lamp. Even though lamps come with their own standard shade, those shades are rarely the best fit - or the most interesting. Finding interesting shades to match with your lamps is a challenge in and of itself, and when you do, they're often incredibly expensive.

So what's a lamp-lover to do? How about DIYing a lampshade to your preferred style? That way, you can turn your lamp into the piece of furniture you've always dreamed of. Below, we've found 14 interesting ideas for how to DIY your lampshade into the shade of your dreams. If you can find the materials, #11 is totally awesome.

#1. Create a cityscape of tiny lights.

This effect can be achieved by poking small holes in your lampshade, to enable light to shine through. Get creative - you can do this in whichever pattern you want.

#2. A leafy houseplant.

Decoupage some artificial leaves onto a lampshade to create this cool, earthy piece.

#3. DIY a photo lamp.

Can't get enough of your family photos? Try putting them onto a plain lampshade where you can see them all the time.

#4. Cover up your lampshade with a sweater.

Knit shades are popular, and you can achieve the effect cheaply by using an old sweater.

#5. Wind up a retro lampshade.

This lampshade has a vintage aesthetic that is created by winding spools of colorful yarn around the shade.

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