By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

14 Crafty DIY Lampshade Ideas. #8 Is The Most Creative I’ve Ever Seen.

#6. Create a skyline for your lampshade.

You can get creative for this one: Make the skyline of your hometown, or even your own neighborhood.

#7. Turn your lampshade into a map of the world.

Vintage maps make excellent decorations in any capacity, but we especially love the idea of repurposing them to create an awesome lampshade.

#8. Button up your lampshade.

Cover a plain lampshade in buttons to get this fun, colorful effect. Perfect for a shabby chic living room or a kid's room.

#9. Use vintage brooches to decorate.

If you happen to have your grandmother's collection of vintage brooches - or just found a bunch of them at a thrift store - cover your lampshade with them for a 3D effect.

#10. Turn your lampshade literary.

Have old books lying around? Try using the pages to decoupage a lampshade that every book lover will appreciate.

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