By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These Are The Most Bedazzling Images Of Las Vegas That Anyone Has Ever Seen.

One of the best ways to see Las Vegas is to drive into the city at night: You drive for miles and miles in pitch black desert, until suddenly, BAM: The lights of Vegas shine bright from the horizon in a glorious display of excess and non-renewable energy.

That is, it used to be one of the best ways to see the city. The new champion of Vegas views might be these aerial photographs, shot from 10,000 feet straight above the city.

The photographer, Vincent Laforet, took these photos from a helicopter. Laforet definitely knows what he's doing: He took similar shots of New York City earlier in January. When he was a kid, Laforet dreamed of taking photos like these, but the limitations of technology meant that wasn't possible. Now, armed with a Canon 1Dx and a Phase One Credo MP body, both set to 6400 ISO (which is an insanely high film speed), Laforet was able to capture these amazing photographs of Sin City at night, which is when the city truly comes alive.

You can see more of Laforet's photography on Instagram, Facebook, and his website.