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The Last Photos EVER Taken Of 20 Celebrities Who DIED Way Too Young.

The most curious thing about being a celebrity is that virtually every moment of your life is documented -- and that means the moments leading up to your death are, too.

Of course, many of these celebrities didn't know they were going to die, making their final photograph all the more poignant. These are 20 celebs captured on camera just moments or days before their untimely demise, and seeing these images is rather spooky. #17 made us choke up a little.

#1. Prince

Days after the photo on the right was taken, Prince was found unresponsive in his elevator at Paisley Park.



#2. Freddie Mercury

The last photo taken before AIDS took the Queen singer's life.

Freddie Mercury

#3. Biggie Smalls (Notorious B.I.G.)

This is a picture with P Diddy, taken the same night as his assassination.

Biggie Smalls (Notorious B.I.G.)

#4. David Bowie

Despite his cancer (which he kept secret), Bowie's personality shines through in this image.

David Bowie

Jimmy King

#5. Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was shot in the front of his head moments before this photo. It was ruled a suicide, though fans have plenty of conspiracy theories.

Kurt Cobain

Seattle Police Department

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