Sam Smith And John Legend Got Together… The Result Sent Shivers Down My Spine.

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Individually, Sam Smith and John Legend are the type of singers that make you wonder if anyone else should even bother. Both of them are incredibly soulful, most likely possess some kind of supernatural, alien-controlled vocal chords, and are capable of flawlessly transitioning from a deep croon to an airy falsetto before anyone even notices that you're weeping.

Together, these two are something else entirely.

The pair have teamed up to perform a rendition of Smith's "Lay Me Down." If the song itself isn't enough to make your ears and heart spin out of control, there's something else: It's for a good cause. Smith and Legend recorded the song for the U.K. charity Comic Relief, as part of Red Nose Day. The event raises money for charitable organizations around the world, and all of the proceeds from the sale of this track will be donated.

If you have fully committed yourself to the emotional catharsis of this entire situation, check out the video below.

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