By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Lazy Cat Can’t Even Be Bothered… I TOTALLY Understand How He Feels.

We've all been there: After trudging home from a long and taxing day at the office, we use our last remaining energy to haul our wearied bodies up the stairs, into a quick shower, and then finally into our beds. We're hungry, but the pains of hunger are no comparison to the desire to lay horizontally for the rest of eternity. As we stare at the ceiling and wait for sleep to take over, something catches our eye. Gasp! It's a bowl of ice cream that we scooped in the kitchen, but were so tired that we had had already forgotten.

The feeling of ecstasy from this moment quickly fades, as we realize we have neglected to observe a crucial step in the ice cream-getting process: We have forgotten to get a spoon. We can't bring ourselves to go downstairs again, but we can't bring ourselves to let all that perfectly good ice cream melt away into nothingness. Staring down at our hand, which is fresh and clean from the shower, we had a decision to make.

And in that moment, we all became this cat.

Don't try to deny it.

Source: AFV Lazy Cat