Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Hilarious Examples Of Decorating For Christmas The Lazy Way.

Blame it on the turkey, but some people tend to get really lazy after Thanksgiving. And that’s too bad because there’s still a lot of Christmas prepping to do. The branches on the Christmas tree need to get fluffed, and the ornaments need dusting. Oh, and who could forget putting up the Christmas lights outside? Some families love to go all out and create a magical display of lights that will act like a beacon of hope for the entire neighborhood. But there are other people who are so freaking lazy that they can’t lift a finger indoor or outdoor. So, to those of you who aren’t feeling the Christmas spirit this year, we salute you with some of the laziest Christmas decorations ever.

#1. If you’re not feeling the Christmas spirit, then tap into the Halloween spirit to do some decorating.

Repurpose your creepy Halloween butler into Santa. Your kids will be pooping their pants this Christmas.

#2. It doesn’t look like Santa will be making it to Christmas, but Jack Skellington might make an appearance.

No bones about it! This kind of horrific lazy decoration will chill you to the bones this holiday season.

#3. Here’s another tragic example of a pine tree air freshener being used in the laziest possible way ever.

Maybe they went lazy on their tree decorating ideas, but those presents look mighty big and expensive.

#4. If you’re just not feeling it this year, then reuse those Fall pumpkins and create something Christmassy.

But whatever you do, don’t follow this person’s example and simply write Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho.

#5. Feeling a little Meh this Christmas? Then do what the house on the right did and just say “Ditto.”

You might gawk at the sheer laziness. But the house on the right’s light bill will be a whole lot lower.

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