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By Camila Villafañe

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18 People Who Were Too Lazy To Decorate For Christmas.

Shortly after we stuffed our faces with turkey and finished watching the "Macy's Thanksgiving Parade," we started prepping for Christmas. This meant dusting off the Christmas tree, fluffing out the branches, and digging through boxes for tinsels, ornaments and nativity scenes. But not everyone is excited about decorating as others. Some folks are actually feeling a bit lazy as Christmas approaches. So to those of you have aren't in the mood to decorate, we salute you with some of the most genius, but super lazy Christmas decorations ever. So, if you thought you were alone feeling like a lazy holiday decorator, then guess again.

#1. Some holiday decorations are so lazy that they can leave you hanging in front of your neighbors.

Check this one out! It's not a real person of course, but it was real enough to get some neighbors to call 9-1-1. Sadly, the homeowners had no choice but to take the man hanging from the side of the house, down. Party poopers!

#2. So many of us love putting ornaments up on our Christmas tree, but hate taking them down.

Now, this is how you taking wrapping to a whole new level during Christmas. With a bit of Saran wrap, you can ensure that all of your ornaments and tinsels stay right where they are. And next year, all you have to do is unwrap and fluff the tree.

#3. Sure, it's all fun celebrating a white Christmas when it's actually cold and snowing in December.

Unfortunately, when you live in the southern hemisphere like in Australia, the summer is in full bloom during the holidays, so the only tree you're likely to see is a nice fan trying to keep the whole family cool.

#4. When celebrating the birth of Christ, you can always go for a more minimalistic approach.

It is a celebration of his birth for Christ's sake, no pun intended. Also, think of all the money this family saved on decorations simply by using a Happy Birthday banner from their kid's last birthday party. Awesome!

#5. There's always one house in the neighborhood that acts like a lighthouse beacon for Santa.

Then there's the family who would rather not spend so much time doing so much to make their house look so lit! Besides, can you guess whose light bill is going to be higher next month? Spoiler, it's the one on the left.

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