The Best Toy Ever Made Will Turn Your Kid Into The Next Steve Jobs.

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It lights up, moves around, makes sounds, and it totally adorable. It's called the Think & Learn Fisher Price Code-A-Pillar, and this amazing toy for kids ages 3-8 is awesome for another reason: It actually teaches kids how to code.

Reminiscent of certain toys in the past (such as Fisher Price's widely popular Robotic Wonder Dog), this toy is meant to educate kids on the wonders of coding, and is so entertaining that they won't even realize they're learning. The Code-A-Pillar consists of eight modules that snap together, each with a different function. Depending on what order you put them together, it moves differently.

It's pretty genius, and though it won't be on the market until June, you can see the Code-A-Pillar in action below.

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